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Digital X-Ray Service

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Only a couple of decades ago, dental X-rays were a slow, uncomfortable process. Providers Stephen Lashen, DDS, Jessica Klein, DMD, and Jason Klein, DMD, at Lashen Dental Group in Denville, New Jersey, offer a digital X-ray service because it’s faster, yields far more detailed images and exposes you to a minimal amount of radiation. Reach out online or by phone to get the most advanced dental care in Denville now.

Digital X-Ray service

What are digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays replace traditional film X-rays with a small electronic sensor that captures images. Almost immediately, the digital X-ray images appear on a nearby computer monitor, where the Lashen Dental Group team can examine them in high resolution. The digital X-ray images are extremely detailed and can be easily enlarged so the team can get the closest possible look at your teeth.

This type of X-ray captures many images in a short period and it's a completely comfortable process for you, the patient.

What are the advantages of digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays have some significant benefits, including:

  • Around 80% less radiation than film X-rays
  • High-resolution images allowing earlier diagnosis
  • Detailed images allowing you to see the problems yourself
  • Images produced almost instantly

Another advantage of digital X-rays is that they’re very easy to store and access. All of your digital X-rays stay in the Lashen Dental Group computerized records, which makes it easy to compare, check progress, and plan your treatment now and in the future.

If you ever need to see another dentist, for example, if you need to see an oral surgeon for dental implants, the Lashen Dental Group team can instantly share your digital X-rays with the appropriate dentist. This makes it easy to coordinate your care at all times.

How often do I need to have digital X-rays taken?

It depends on your oral health and your health history. Some patients need digital X-rays at every dental cleaning and check-up (usually, every six months), but others might need them less frequently if they have excellent oral health and low risk for dental problems.

If you have a history of periodontal (gum) disease, severe tooth decay, and other oral health issues, you could need to have digital X-rays more often than every six months.

The Lashen Dental Group team believes in using only the best dental technology, which is why they’re an all-digital office. Digital X-rays, intraoral camera, digital scanning, even a digital anesthesia delivery system, are all available to make your experience a smooth and easy one.

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